TM Legacy Lifetime

TM Legacy Lifetime is a participating whole life plan with an attractive Guaranteed Benefit that covers you against Death, Total and Permanent Disability, and Terminal Illness.


Lifetime high coverage against Dread Disease (DD)

To ease your worries, simply opt for our DD Accelerator Rider to be covered against 30 DD for life.You can be assured that your loved ones will not be financially burdened over high medical costs, should any of the DD strikes.


Guaranteed level premiums for DD coverage

Our premiums are not only level, but also guaranteed2. This means your financial commitment will be clear to you from the start and there will be no uncertainties surrounding the affordability of your premiums in the future.


Option of five years of premium payment to enjoy lifetime coverage

Complete your premium payment term as quickly as five years, while you are employed. If you have other financial commitments, choose a longer premium payment term of 10, 15, 20 or 25 years, whichever you are most comfortable with.


EarlyCare Rider3 for enhanced cover: Covers 91 conditions/procedures4, at different stages

You can also opt for our EarlyCare Rider for an additional layer of protection against a total of 91 conditions / procedures of different stages of severity.
EarlyCare Rider also provides you with a Special Benefit5 equivalent to 20% of the rider’s Guaranteed Benefit, for each of the following five Special Conditions:
1. Diabetic Complications
2. Osteoporosis
3. Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis
4. Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever
5. Breast Reconstructive Surgery following a Mastectomy
It also pays out a lifetime Wellness Benefit of S$100 every two years, regardless of any prior claims. This is just our way of supporting you on the journey towards a healthier you.

Legacy Lifetime - Illustration 1

Legacy Lifetime - Illustration 2

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1. TPD Benefit is provided until the policy anniversary on which the Life Assured is age 70.

2. Applicable for TM Legacy Lifetime, TPD Rider and DD Accelerator Rider only.

3. Premium rates for EarlyCare Rider are non-guaranteed. Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd. (TMLS) reserves the right to change the premium rate by giving 30 days’ written notice.

4. Refer to Product Summary for details.

5. The Special Benefit applies if the Life Assured is diagnosed with any of the Special Condition on or before the policy anniversary on which the Life Assured is age 85. Each Special Condition is payable once per life, subject to a maximum of S$25,000, inclusive of all other insurance taken up with TMLS. Payment of Special Benefit will not reduce the Guaranteed Benefit of TM Legacy Lifetime and EarlyCare Rider.

6. The illustrations are based on the assumption that the Guaranteed Benefit is higher than the sum assured plus accumulated bonuses.


Illustrations above are not drawn to scale.

All ages mentioned in this brochure are based on age next birthday.

This plan is underwritten by Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd. All benefits and features mentioned herein are subject to terms and conditions of the policy. You must refer to the policy contract for the precise terms and conditions of this insurance plan. The information shown in this brochure is for reference only and is accurate as at 17 October 2013.

Note: Buying a life insurance policy can be a long-term commitment. An early termination of the policy usually involves high costs and the surrender value payable may be less than the total premiums paid.